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Hair follicle growth rates by age and body region

Below is a brief table of hair growth rates defined for people of different age and by the region of the body where the growth rate analysis was made (after Myers 1951). Typically, females will have slightly faster growing scalp hair than males of the same age but slower growing hair elsewhere such as on the leg.

Age category Daily growth rate for scalp hair (mm) Daily growth rate for eyebrow hair (mm) Daily growth rate for thigh hair (mm)
Pre puberty 0.41 0.14 0.13
Adolescent/young adult 0.30 0.14 0.16
Mature adult 0.34 0.16 0.25
Retirement age 0.32 0.16 0.19

Thus the long hairs of the scalp have the fastest rate of hair growth whereas the short hairs as in the eyebrow have the slowest growth rate.

Hair follicle regeneration after plucking by body region

Below is a brief table showing the number of days it took for a hair follicle from which a hair was plucked to regenerate a new hair fiber.

Age category Regeneration rate for scalp hair (days) Regeneration rate for eyebrow hair (days) Regeneration rate for thigh hair (days)
Pre puberty 134 58 77
Adolescent/young adult 138 65 88
Mature adult 112 56 141
Retirement age 139 73 240

The average number of days required for regeneration of hairs in 90% of the follicles from which hairs were plucked was 129 in the crown of the scalp, 123 in the under arm, 121 in the thigh, 92 in the chin, and 64 in the eyebrow. Hairs of the scalp regenerate more quickly for males than females, but hairs of the under arm, and thigh regenerate more quickly in females than males. Regions in which hairs are long and grow at the fastest rate require the longest interval for regeneration.

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