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Welcome to keratin.com – Your one-stop destination for all things related to hair biology, hair research, and hair loss. We are committed to developing an information resource website where individuals can come to understand their hair, its intricacies, and its needs.

Since our founding, we’ve been passionate about not only understanding the science of hair, but also sharing that knowledge with the world. We believe that education is key to empowering individuals to make informed decisions about their hair health and wellness. To this end, we strive to bring you the latest research, expert insights, and comprehensive articles about hair biology and hair loss.

Keratin.com is owned by McElwee Consulting / Kevin McElwee, a PhD scientist with over 25 years of experience in hair loss research. If you want some more information about me, please check out my professional website at mcelweeconsulting.com. It has links to material on other professional websites such as linkedin, orcid, etc. As keratin.com is effectively a blog, I try to keep the professional info separate.

While much of keratin.com is written by one person, occasionally there may be contributions from other people. The team consists of seasoned writers, researchers, and industry professionals, each of whom brings a unique perspective to the complex world of hair health. Keratin.com aims to deliver content that is accurate, reliable, and current (at the time of posting), thanks to our contributors’ combined decades of experience in the field. Inevitably though, viewpoints, hypotheses and theories about hair and hair loss can change in light of new evidence. Please be aware that, while we attempt to provide reliable information, no guarantees are made as to accuracy.

At Keratin.com, we understand that hair is more than just a physical attribute – it’s an integral part of our identities, our self-expression, and our self-esteem. Hair loss can be a deeply personal and often emotional experience. We are here to provide practical information, grounded in scientific research, to help navigate these challenges. To this end, most articles on keratin.com include a bibliography of medical journal publications, books, and other professional sources of information relevant to the article. We encourage people to study these references to understand the original data and context of statements made in keratin.com articles.

Whether you are seeking to understand the basics of hair biology, exploring cutting-edge research in the field, seeking information on hair loss, or just browsing our hair-centric culture, Keratin.com is your trusted resource. Our mission is to provide insights that can help you on your journey towards understanding hair. Join us as we delve into the fascinating world of hair science. Together, we can promote hair health and wellness for all.